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Sea Glass Sea Life Charm Bracelet

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🏝️🐚 Dive into Ocean Splendor: Sea Glass Sea Life Charm Bracelet 🐚🏝️

Embrace the enchanting beauty of the ocean with our Sea Glass Sea Life Charm Bracelet, a stunning tribute to the wonders of the sea and its captivating sea life.

🐚 Seaside Charms: The bracelet boasts a delightful collection of sea life charms, including seashells, starfish, and other coastal treasures, evoking the magic of the beach.

🏝️ Sea Glass Elegance: The sea glass accents infuse a touch of coastal allure, reminiscent of the ocean's polished and colorful gems.

✨ Multi-Charm Station Design: The bracelet showcases multiple charms in a unique station arrangement, creating a charming and eye-catching accessory.

🔗 Easy Toggle Closure: The toggle closure adds both style and convenience, ensuring the bracelet stays securely on your wrist throughout the day.

ğŸŽ Perfect Beach-Inspired Gift: Share the beauty of the sea with someone special. This bracelet makes a thoughtful and cherished gift for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts.

• Size : 1.75" H, 7" + 1.5" L
• Toggle Closure